FoldingText 2.3 Dev Release


@Ryan_Timmons did some quick hacking to improve the overall look and feel along with the colors:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hello, can we expect better support for tabs (as in macOS Sierra)? Such as open an existing file in a new tab instead of a new window, merge to windows into one as tabs?

EDIT: turns out you can already merge windows. Function provided system-wise. Would still be nice to be able open a existing file direct to a new tab. :slight_smile:


Nice! :slight_smile:
How do I get this? :slight_smile:
Running 2.3 Dev (776) it seems …


On macOS Sierra 10.12.3 Beta (16D17a), this 2.3 dev release quits within 10 seconds.

Here is the log from


Hi @th507,

I’m using 10.12.2 at the moment and not experiencing this issue. Not sure if I can debug at the moment until I can reproduce it.

In any case, we’re going to be posting a new build for FoldingText 2.3 in a couple of hours. Do download that and see if it fares better.




@flips we’re going to be uploading a new build in a few hours. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update! This build still reports a copyright date of 2014, in case that’s of any importance.


Hi, bit of a lame bug description here (if it is one even!), but got some weird layout issues when printing to pdf/paper. Stopped investigating and got back to working in the 2.2 release.


2.3 (781) + macOS 10.12.4 Beta (16E144f). JMK_Panel.ftplugin crashes FT consistently, which compromises a few others that I depend on. No crash report generated.

default 19:48:10.332960 +0000 FoldingText Failed to load Javascript on start


It also appears that (for me at least) running FT with any plugins enabled that depend on JMK_Panel causes a serious error where files are emptied or overwritten on save. And that’s with JMK_Panel removed from the plugins folder.

The primary plugin I’m lamenting the loss of is Jamie Kowalski’s filter (— it was (is?) a really useful plugin for running queries and filtering node paths. Is anyone else still using this plugin? Does it work for you on your setup? If you don’t use this plugin, what’s the easiest way for you to run “complex” filters (without having to write AppleScript or link a node path in the document)?


Hi there,

As someone who hasn’t yet downloaded the development version, I’ll wait anxiously for the reply on the above, as I also use the filter plugin everyday!

I’m obviously aware that these plugins regularly updated, but are they really about to become defunct?




I still use this plugin and am not updating to this version if it won’t work. Basically, without this plugin, FoldingText loses most of its value to me over other plain text editors. Would love to see it taken on by the developer and baked in.


I’m keen to hear from anyone else with a similar set-up as I’ve reported. I’d experienced an issue with FT prior to updating, which may have been thanks to my most recent OS update; I ran to the update hoping it would be a fix.

Jamie’s plugin hasn’t been updated for three years now. And yes, as per @derekvan’s suggestion, I’d love to see this functionality baked in. An easy way to run filters should perhaps be somewhere near the top of the “things to do next” list?


@JSLR @derekvan @mjknght

I installed the plugins on my install, and haven’t seen any behavior out of the ordinary. Granted I just gave it a quick try, so might see something the future.

The problem with such bugs, though, is that it is hard to reproduce. And bugs which are hard to reproduce take a log longer to resolve (if at all).

Perhaps one of you could isolate the issue to just one plugin, and perhaps create a thread for this?

Re: the incorporation of a filter. I don’t think it’s hard, however, FT’s XPath based selection language can have a bit of a learning curve. I do have it on my list of things to do, but I haven’t decided on the best way to implement something like that that’s both easy to use, and also allows for advanced users to feel empowered.


FoldingText no longer works with macOS 10.12.4

Thanks for the bug report. This is indeed something weird. Not sure what though, but I’ll have a look.


From what I’ve experienced, JMK_Panel.ftplugin crashed FT consistently. Removing that filter allowed me to get FT started, but if any plugins that depended on JMK_Panel.ftplugin were installed, I’d consistently experience issues saving files. I’ve since removed all of those plugins and FT seems to be fine.


Hey @mutahhir— let me know if there’s anything else I can offer to help figure this issue out…



Please check out here: FoldingText no longer works with macOS 10.12.4

for a possible solution for the JMK panel plugin issue. Let me know if the explanation (albeit sparse) is enough to fix the plugin yourselves? Perhaps send a Pull Request to the repo to fix it for everyone?


/cc @mjknght @derekvan


Hi Mutahhir,

Thanks for turning your attentions to this – I’m grateful, and it’s also reassuring! I’ve held back from updates until now, but it’s good to know a solution has been found.



When will this be out?