FoldingText 2.2 Dev Release


Hi @urbanbike,

Thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile: I’m glad you’re liking it!

I’m not sure I understand the problem you mentioned in French and Globish. Can you send me a screenshot / video?

Regarding options for * and _, that’s definitely something I’d like to add. :smile:



Thanks @jacksonkernion,

Hmm, dimming does help in this scenario too, but I’m not sure if that’s the best here. Will think / play with it a bit more.

There was a trade off between text being absolutely entered vs. Outline overlapping text. I don’t mind the text being a bit shifted as long as the boundary is clean.

I think both the above might be stemming from thinking of outline as part of the ‘paper’. However, at the moment, outline is a separate UI element. Maybe having a more overt demarcation helps understand that. Not sure though. I like that there are no lines being drawn unnecessarily.

It could be a good idea,but I’d like to wait and see what people say about this. I’m in the process of thinking about quite a few new elements within FT and would like to have some kind of unified design that works for all. So, as far as I’m concerned, I’m still thinking about it.

I think I like this. Will play around with it and see if it works for me. I’m leaning towards the full width button that looks similar to the one we have now.

That’s awesome. Feel free to submit mockups if you like to play around with FT. I’m happy to run through each with you. Won’t promise if we’ll use them, but I’ll be happy to discuss anything you’d like to show.

Thanks for the detailed comment!! Much appreciated!!



When I corrected text returning in a paragraph already typed, if — a bit later — I correct more than two letters, the first returns to capital.
Hell and damnation!
It’s annoying, especially since I like to change a word with another, a phrase with another. Without mentioning my typos…!
These regular corrections to the text part of the authors’ work. And having to go (thank you PopClip…!) a selection of text in lower case is a waste of time…
But in French, we do not capitalize words except at the beginning of paragraph.
If you could correct what appears in French as a malfunction and even a hindrance, it would be beautifu…!
Thank you for everything…!

Thank you to Google Translate for its effective help…


End note: I would like to (…A dream, of course…!!), it would be able to directly move a outline level input — up or down — through the Outline View…! And change the order of the #levels of my story…


At last: if you have time to add {{TOC}}… before the next week :slight_smile:


The outline view is a welcome addition to FoldingText. I would like to suggest two improvements:

  1. No automatic Focus View

Clicking on a heading in the outliner should just jump to the heading in the text, but not activate Focus View. Instead, Focus View should be activated by double clicking.

  1. No buttons

I like FoldingText’s buttonless, distraction-free user interface.

Now it goes from zero to three buttons just for a minor setting like showing or hiding the Modes in the outline view. If FoldingText were to have buttons, there would be many more imortant functions to represent in the GUI, but FoldingText hasn’t done so for good reasons.

Instead of buttons, the view could be toggled by three submenus of the “Show Outline View” menu in the menu bar. And each one could have a keyboard shortcut.

At the very least, the buttons should only be shown if a text actually has headings AND Modes. Most texts don’t have both, some users may never use both, so the buttons are useless most of the time.



@urbanbike from what I can understand, I can’t seem to replicate it on FT 2.2 Dev. I’m not sure i’m doing it alright, but please do send me a video or screenshots so I can try to replicate it at my end.


@urbanbike :slight_smile: That’s a non-trivial addition, and one I don’t want to undertake at the moment. Maybe in a future version


@urbanbike Can you explain a bit more about your reference to {{TOC}}?


Hi @mibu,

Thanks for the input!

Regarding automatic focus view. I’m thinking it might make more sense the way you’re saying. I’ll think about it a bit more, and maybe adjust the default behavior accordingly.

Regarding buttons. I’m not sure. I know FT has this clean interface, but at the same time, we have a lot of menus. The only difference between menus and buttons is that menus are geared towards people who are willing to hunt hidden operations. For the newcomer, menus holding all the functionality is a hinderance rather than a facility.

I’m a big fan of minimalism, and I deeply respect FoldingText’s choices. However, I’m not too keen on keeping things a certain way just for the sake of it.

That being said, your no-buttons comment does bring up a fundamental problem. The segmented button helps filter the list, but it’s not a comprehensive filter. So, there’s not much point in doing this part-way. I’m not going to make a menu list of choices as well.

Thanks for the constructive feedback! Do keep it coming!



In the last release of
a splendid option (now in iA Writer, Byword, Marked2, etc.). See also…

Create Summary (Table of Contents)


Just played around with the sidebar a little bit more (a little late to the party, I know). Turns out that with the sidebar visible, if Jamie Kowalski’s filter panel is invoked, the sidebar sits on top of and obscures that filter panel. It’s not a big issue to workaround. Just flagging it up.

Other than that, the sidebar’s looking really good. Kudos, Mutahir.


Thanks @JSLR!

Hmm, I’ll have to look into how plugins interact with it, but for now I just want it released. Also, I’d like to move forward with a native filter panel too in the future, maybe something like Taskpaper’s.