Folding doesn't work for Projects in TP3


Just installed TP 3, but the folding doesn’t seem to work for projects. Is this by design, or am I doing something wrong. Folding works fine for tasks witing a project.


It should be working. I think maybe you need to indent your tasks at least one level under your project? If it still doesn’t seem to work can you please post a screenshot?


Ah. My problem was that I had tasks at the same level as the project. Added indents and now everything works. For what it’s worth I’m a long-time user of FoldingText – it’s one of few apps that I consider nearly indispensable.

Thanks for both of these good products!


This seems to have had stumped quite a few people, me included – maybe It should be noted somewhere (e.g. in the explanatory screenshots of the Taskpaper website). I know they say press tab to indent, but to me that’s not clearly saying tasks have to be one tab farther to become part of a project (saying this also as someone coming from FT instead of TP2)