Fold all, unfold all

Any chance you’ll be bringing back a Fold all command like in early preview releases? :wink: That was convenient to be able to fold everything to the lowest level, instantly.
I find that option+command+. will do this pretty quick to expand or fold ALL branches. I just have to exclude the search items or else it won’t work. It requires a process of command+shift+down arrow key to select everything (once I start below my search operators) then hitting option+command+.

Welllllll, I am using the KM capability for this described here: Script: Keeping a list of Saved Searches that can be used anywhere - #4 by walton
So I guess this is now a non-issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Great to hear!

The reason that I’m hesitant to add these commands is become of the View menu size. I want to avoid adding every permutation of expand/collapse becomes it comes out to 6+ items… and I think that just looks messy and leaves people (me at least) wonder which one to use.

With that said, I think I’m probably undergoing it now with just the Fold and Fold All commands. But at least there are scripts that you can use to work around that problem.

Understandable - I don’t know why I didn’t think to look at a KM first. I usually use other avenues for text manipulation. After all, keeping apps simple is certainly great with me. With too many options, it becomes so overwhelming. What I needed was really just something that’s quite beneficial given the amount of projects I have with my notes that span the course of a year. So, my use case may be different than keeping things simple in that respect. But using something like KM is likely what people like me would use anyway, or a means that’s outside of a standard menu option.

While I understand (and, in general, agree with) the desire to keep the menu size down, folding/unfolding is a fundamental task for a hierarchically structured set of data, and IMO we shouldn’t have to resort to external apps to provide the functionality. (I don’t own KM, e.g.)

Also, as noted elsewhere, having the items on the app menu means we can assign whatever shortcut keys we want to them, without forcing them to be global shortcuts. AFAIC, non-OS global shortcuts are a giant pain.

I’ve had asking for a fold/unfold to a specific level (1, 2, etc.) on my list of to do’s for a couple of weeks, and just haven’t gotten over here to do it.

Having a Fold sub-menu would solve both problems; it would keep the View menu succinct, but would provide as little or as many options as you care to. Personally, I would love the already mentioned Fold All and Unfold All, but I would also like “Level 1”, “Level 2”, “Level 3” options that would force everything to fold/unfold to that level.

I don’t think that’s confusing; almost anyone used to dealing with this type of data is used to those types of commands, and if not, they can just use Fold All and ignore everything else. :slight_smile:

I think you might be right. I won’t get to it right away, but I’ve added this to my todo. I’ve also been thinking about adding explicitly “expand” and “collapse” commands recently. So you’ve caught me at a good time. :slight_smile:

Probably not the right place to mention this but it would be great to have the same in FoldingText. This seems to be standard function in older outliners I’ve seen and also in mind mapping software. I appreciate it adds menu picks but it improves the readability of your outline no end and in a complex (your life, the universe, work, personal stuff all together) outline allows you to get your head around the structure.