Flickering and data loss

Hey, I’m having a rather ugly issue.

Every once in a while, and I cannot determine exactly when, I have an issue wherein a section of text starts flickering black, and if I issue any keystroke, the entire document flashes and turns black. The only way to see anything again is to close the document and open it again. This would be annoying, except that every time this happens and I re-open the file, I’m missing several lines of text (I believe to the next top-level project, but I am not certain of that). Luckily my files are in dropbox and I can find the missing text in previous versions there, but this is a potentially disastrous issue.

I am using a customized theme, which I could potentially see causing the visual issue (I could easily have made a less error or several), but that doesn’t seem to fit with the data loss issue. One other potentially relevant thing is that I am running low on disk space, but unless TP3 wants a gig of cache suddenly that seems weird too.

Anyone else seeing this?
OS 10.11.13, TP 3.2.1

What scripts, if any, (including Keyboard Maestro macros, LaunchBar actions etc) are you using ?

( It sounds like the aftermath of a script hitting a bug )

This happens when there’s some internal exception. It’s a symptom of the JavaScript update cycle being out of sync with the native update cycle… when it happens I should detect report error and crash probably. So definitely a symptom of something going wrong, but need to figure some way to reproduce the problem. I don’t expect it is related to low disk space or anything like that. Likely just some reticular sequence of actions or maybe a script?

I have been messing around with customizations so I can’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t running any scripts. The only script I’ve really been trying to get to work is @raguay’s alfred package, but I don’t think I was doing that any of the times it happened. I know the first few times it happened I was rapidly changing the search field trying to get a handle on the new search syntax, and I’m pretty sure that was new out of the box.

I should also mention, as I forgot to in my first post, that I do have TP2 installed (and a bunch of scripts for that) but none are set to auto-trigger or anything so I doubt that’s an issue.