Feature suggestions

Hi guys, here are some suggestions that came to my mind when using Bike:

  • Availability to print the document
  • Password-protected documents
  • Typography changes (bold, italic, underline, font size, colour, etc.) for text selection in rows
  • Set document’s language (English, Spanish, …) for spelling and grammar checks

Regex based syntax highlight, perhaps?

The fact that printing is not in this thing. That alone almost made me cancel.

Good thing the outline portion is just so good !

But yeah,


Add it.

Ridiculous that it’s not in the app already.

On my list, but lower priority then many things. I know it’s important if you need it, but for my own use many other things are more important.

It’s unlikely that I’ll add this anytime soon. I think there must be better solutions, maybe store file on encrypted disk image … or not sure if that’s right term, but I think file encryption is better done by dedicated app.

This is what I’m working on now. It’s going to take a few weeks more to have something ready, but it’s my focus.

I’d be interested to do this, but I think there are a bunch of other language things that have more priority.