Feature Request: option-click sidebar item to jump without focusing

Occasionally I need to jump to a heading in my list without focusing it. For example, if I realize that I need to combine two adjacent projects.

Currently the only way to do this (I think?) is to unfocus completely and then scroll to my entry.

Proposed solution: I would love the ability option-click (or something) an item in the sidebar to be able to jump to it without focusing (i.e. without hiding other items).

(Similarly, it would be nice to have an “Unfocus” menu item that keeps the same project in view.)

This option-click feature would also be great for managing saved searches. If I option-click on the saved search, it would jump me to the search definition (which I could then edit) instead of actually performing the search.

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Thanks, I’ve added an issue for this. I think it would be nice too.

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Thanks, Jesse. I just changed over my main to-do list to the beta and plan to start using it daily. I love the way it’s shaping up. So simple, so clean and responsive. It’s exactly what I want.

Hey Jesse, did anything ever come of this? Or any way to do get this functionality? I’m finding myself wanting to to a search within an existing drilled-down view and not having a great way to do it.

In other news … this app brings me joy every day.

I think the “Unfocus” part is working as menu item View > Focus Out? That should unfocus, but maintain scroll position in the main document. I think right now the best way to do what you want is:

  1. Command-P to go to the project.
  2. Option-Command-Left Arrow to unfocus that project.

Option-Click on a project in the sidebar to go it it, but not focus is trickier. It seems simple, but right now the selection in the sidebar is synced to the current focused item or current search. So it wouldn’t be possible without quite a few underlying changes to change the behavior so that you could select an item in the sidebar, and scroll to it instead of focus it.


Sorry, I forgot my original post was about multiple issues.

Yes, Focus Out works great!

I’m still looking for a way to focus without changing filter (or vice-versa—filter within a specific focus). Is that possible?

Yes, if I’m understanding correctly. In TaskPaper > Preferences > Sidebar you have options to change the default behavior and instead choose to maintain the project and/or the search when clicking in sidebar.

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Oh—duh! Thanks