Feature request: hashtags for topics

would be great to adopt hashtags for topics and leave @ for people.

this would parallel the design pattern in Twitter and others…

e.g @bob and @jesse like #fishing and #newspapers

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I’ve considered this before, but I think in the end I don’t want to support it.

In Twitter mentioning other people is a core part of how it works. But in TaskPaper there are no user accounts/etc. If I added this I think it would just be an alternative tagging syntax and I’m not sure that’s valuable enough to create something that’s incompatible with other apps that read TaskPaper files.

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I would like to see this implemented (as an option).
Workflowy has it and it works really nice if you tag people with @ and topics with #

To me the advantage of multiple tag symbols–and it would be a very big one–would be the ability to color-code them differently in the style sheet, a la todo.txt and its various shell programs.
I use tags for context, priority, and duration, and having these visually distinguished would be fantastic.

You can color specific items in your stylesheet. This can apply to the tag or the item.

For example, this does the items:

// Colors @review
item[data-review] {
color: rgb(255, 192, 0);

// Colors @-(1)
item[data–=1] {
color: rgb(255, 48, 48);


Oh, thanks, that is helpful. What would be the syntax for applying it to the tag itself rather than the item?

This will color @today:

// Colors @today
run[tag=data-today] {
color: rgb(220,20,60);
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