Feature request: Click on tag to toggle search


Not sure how tricky this would be to implement, but I’d love to be able not just to add a tag to the search field by clicking, but to remove it as well.

Build searches using sidebar items

I agree… though I think more generally it would be useful to be able to quickly add/remove tags from the existing search. Maybe keep the current default behavior, but when command is held down and you click a tag then toggle that tag? Similar to how to toggle selection of items in the finder?


That gets my vote as well. Following the standard selection UX:

  • Plain click (i.e. no modifiers) replaces the current criteria
  • ⌘+Click toggles the item (i.e. adds if it’s not there, or removes it if it is)

Assume we’ll get and as the default operand? I think this would be acceptable to boot.

But you may want to make it more exotic, e.g. ⌥+click will add it with or as the operand. I am not sure how discoverable something like that would be, but it’s an option (pun not intended.)