Export to Things

Tried exporting to things - get an entry which show a file name and location-clicking on this just brings me to temporary item folder-not items.
Was hoping items with descendants would import -
Is there even a possibility such a “transfer” of an outline to the Things App is achievable?
This is what I get
Heading and this file name underneath:

TEst Bike Export to THings

Export to DayOne is much cleaner - get heading with descendant with bullet points underneath

Would love to do some FAST brainstorming in Bike and then import as actionable checklist in THings


It should be possible to write a script to do this.

I haven’t used Things recently, just downloaded the trial. It looks like the structure is fixed at: Area > Project > Heading > Todo > Note. For example projects can’t contain other projects, nor can headings or notes. Is that correct?

How do you think a Bike outline should get imported into things?

Nearly correct, todos may contain checklists in addition to notes.

If you can explain the simplest sort of Bike to Things export that will be useful to you in as much detail as possible I will try to write a script.

I’m not the OP, personally I use Things but don’t see a clear 1:1 mapping. But if I did want to export from Bike into Things, I’d probably want top-level items to be todos placed in the current Things context, and any content to be notes under those todos. Maybe Markdown lists with indentation matching Bike’s. Things’ notes are Markdown, with editor support, and its checklists are just plain text single lines, so it’s probably better to overload notes than checklists.

Oh, thanks I was confused. What you say makes sense, but I’ll wait for original poster too.