Error when Activating New License


I just purchased a license after the 7-day trial. After entering my email and license number into the “Activate TaskPaper” dialog and clicking “Activate License” I get “Sorry, Unspecified error”.

The first time this appeared the application had populated the email and license fields automatically.

I uninstalled the trial application along with deleting folders in Application Support, Caches, and the preferences files. I downloaded a new installer from the link that was included with my new license. Same response. “Sorry, Unspecified error”.

Any thoughts?


Hum… sorry for the trouble. I’m not sure what the issue is. Did you have an active internet connection? Or even if you had an active connection there might have been a problem on the Paddle (the company that does my payment/license manager stuff) server.

I guess my first thought is please try again now that some time has passed and the issue might resolve self. If that doesn’t work I think next step is to contact Paddle support. (Also keep me in the loop please)


I just tried it again and it worked this time. Perhaps there was a delay at Paddle in updating their DB with the purchase. All good now though. Thanks!!!