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any easy way to enter a task into task paper. so far, i have to execute the program and need to find a line to enter my task. would like to be quicker; e.g. any universal shortcut to enter a task whenever i’m on different program or screen.

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I think that this is somewhere in the timeline of development, but if I remember correctly, it might be a while. There are some scripts and posts in the forum that can accomplish this right now. You could also use quicksilver or another alternative (Alfred, TextExpander, etc) to do append text to your Taskpaper file very easily.

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The easiest way I’ve found to do this is using Alfred. I have a nice Alfred 3 workflow that allows me to quickly enter a task. You could also add a reminder easily using Siri or something and then import from Reminders when you open your task list.

If you’re interested in the Alfred 3 workflows I could share them.


could you share the script for alfred?

I’ve zipped together the workflow and the required script. It’s pretty simple. You use “tp:add” to add a new task and it prepends it to the taskpaper file of your choice. I currently use two main taskpaper lists, a work one and a personal one. The paths for these are hardcoded into the workflow as an environment variable, so you’ll have to set those. You’ll also need to set the paths to the python script that prepends the task.

Again, these are pretty simple Alfred workflows…others may have far more flexible workflows. I kept mine simple so I could adapt to changes in Taskpaper if needed.

I also use Alfred to assign hotkeys in Taskpaper that lets me execute Taskpaper scripts. Those aren’t in the workflows so you’ll have to make your own if you want to do that.

Alfred_workflow_and_script.zip (927.5 KB)

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