Encoding issue with cyrillic text. All my tasks disappeared

All my tasks were converted to the code (see the screenshot attached) that I am not able to translate back to cyrillic. It happened accidentally and I can’t find solution by myself.

What I’ve tried:

  1. To Add cyrillic fonts to file Default.less

  2. To change StyleSheet

  3. To copy paste text and manually translate it using Unicode, Cyrillic ISO, Cyrillic MacOS and more than 10 different formats. Doesn’t work.

  4. To investigate Taskpaper forum, but haven’t found the solution.

Also, I should mention that before the issue happened, I had used Keyboard Maestro in order to automate recurring tasks and import from Reminders app. Thank you in advance for any help. Please, find attached issue screenshot and example of the file
forum.taskpaper (1.1 KB)


Can you past the first bit of your file… the actual text?

Edit Oops, I see you’ve attached it as a file, thanks!