Editing on iOS?

Are any of you using an iOS app to work on outlines on the go? If so, could you share what app are you using?

I am not, but this list contains apps (some iOS) that can use the OPML format. I also encourage people to post experiences:

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BTW iThoughts imports AND exports OPML. See attached image.


Thanks! I was using that as my starting point but was wondering if others could share their experiences as well.

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Outliner (https://carbonfin.com) and Zavala (https://zavala.vincode.io) import and export OPML

Thank you! I’ve used carbonfin but not Zavala. Will check it out.

Is there a good iOS solution for bike files (or opml)? I’ve tried various options but can’t find one that can work seamlessly.

what location for folders? icloud, Dropbox…?

Zavala > iCloud
Carbonfin > choice: Dropbox or carbonfin servers

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I will add for iOs Cloud Outliner Pro, cheap and almost complete

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A good find! I am trying to find out where Cloud Outliner Pro saves its OPML on iCloud so that I can sync with Bike. Also, it seems that the default is its own .cod format. Any ways to address this?

@jessegrosjean - do you think you’ll ever build native-Bike for iOS / iPadOS?

I hope so, I think so, but I can’t make any promises. I still have a lot of work on Bike for Mac that I want to do first.

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