Edit Italic Style


I know this may sound ridiculous to some, but I’d like to tweak the style of italics in FT2, e.g. making them a different colour (and perhaps even bold as well as italic). I’ve been rooting around but have had no luck. Is there a way to do this? Any help appreciated!




Just a layperson here and I’m sure there is a better way, but one way to do this is using the Custom Inline Markup plugin you can find here:

Then you can add something like

addMarkup( {start:’(\)\S’, end:’(\S)(\)’, attr:‘customitalics’,
syntaxAttr:‘custom-keyword’, regex:true} );

to main.js in the Custom Inline Markup plugin folder

and something like

.cm-customitalics.cm-text {
font-weight: bold;
color: red; }

to style.less also in the Custom Inline Markup plugin folder.

Works but no guarantees on not breaking something with this lol.


Works well! Thanks Daniel for that, excellent suggestion, and easily reversible.



For a little more detail see:

Help > Software Development Kit > Documentation > How to customize FoldingText > Create Themes

In the end you will do the same:

.cm-customitalics.cm-text {
font-weight: bold; 
color: red; }

But maybe a little simpler to do it in your user.less file instead of in a plugin.


Thanks Jesse, very helpful as ever. Good to know it can be done that way. All best, Mark.