Dragging tasks to reorder


In Taskpaper 2.0 one could drag tasks and projects to reorder them, transfer items between projects. I don’t seem to be able to repeat this action. Am I “not doing it right” or is this something not yet enabled?


You can drag and drop tasks in the text editor view. But you can’t yet drop them onto the projects sidebar.

To drag items you need to drag from the little blue dot to the left of the item… or the place where the little blue dot would display if there isn’t one. That second part make the UI not great… I need to eventually add some sort of “show dot when mouse over” and also it would be nice to be able to drag tasks by the leading dash… but that’s not implemented yet.


glad i read this, i wouldn’t have caught this feature at all. :wink:


It is hard to find that feature. If there would be a blue bubble next to each task it would be somehow not so clean. Maybe there could be somehow a hover effect with a blue bubble to see, that drag and drop is possible. The other blue bubbles could be hovered also?


Yes, that’s on my list (hover effect). Not sure that it will make it into 3.0, but it’s something I’d also like.


I can not figure out, how to drag a task to an other project via sidebar. Is that possible at all?


It hasn’t been implemented yet.


Why not either: (1) make two color/size dots (keeping the dot theme already encoded) and make say, dot 1 of color/size “whatever” for moving and a bigger one for folding. Or (2) keep dots and use up/down moving arrow for project view folding. Or follow Workflowy’s approach and use dots for both moving and point making and simply change the “big dot border” to show “pregnant dots” when folded. But honestly moving the dash as in previous versions was simple and intuitive, not sure if recoding doesn’t enable this but it worked and made sense, why reinvent all wheels if not necessary. Dots also intuitively seemed to work for notes as in points you like to make, and use dot to move them if say writing an email. Now the new scheme seems to be a bit convoluted. Also, not sure how it would play in but I kind of like the checkboxes … maybe dashes could be the move bar, checkboxes for tasks and dots for written notes? And then just bigger checkbook (in edit mode) for projects?


Issue with this feature (in TP v3.2.1)

After a drag and drop operation (for example I am just dragging one line to swap two tasks) the cursor jumps 20 or so lines down and this new position is vertically centered in the editor (in my situation the original line isn’t visible on the screen anymore).



I think I see the problem. Here’s what I’m seeing, can you confirm:

  1. The text caret (cursor, but no mouse cursor) position is maintained within the text.

  2. If after the drag and drop operation the text caret is offscreen it is scrolled to.

Is that what you are seeing? I think this is probably the wrong behavior. Instead I’ll change things so that when you do a drag and drop no scrolling happens, even if the end result is that the text caret goes offscreen. Make sense?