Documentation re Expand All, Collapse All

I think there’s a difference between the menu and keyboard commands for Expand All and Collapse All that the user guide fails to identify. The keyboard commands appear to operate only on the children of the selected branch. The menu commands, by contrast, operate on the entire outline. This behavior is fine with me–but maybe it’s worth updating the documentation.

Based on my initial experience with Bike, I’m really excited about where it’s going!

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Not sure that I’m seeing exactly that in Bike Preview (43) here (macOS 11.6.5)

  • ^⌘0 and ^⌘9 seem to act on the entire outline, whereas
  • ⌘0 and ⌘9 act on the selected branch

That matches the menu display, I think:

Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 19.45.42

but perhaps your point is more about the documentation at

Keyboard Shortcuts - Bike

where the ^ versions don’t seem to be included yet.

Ah, now I see. The documentation (under Outline Viewing) incorrectly says Option-Command, when it should say Control-Command.


Thanks for the catch, should be fixed in guide now