Display items in sidebar outline

As I’ve mentioned before, I use TaskPaper primarily as an outliner. I’d love to be able to see items in the sidebar, not just projects. (An option to switch between behaviors might be the best approach.)

I don’t expect this to happen, I think trying to turn the sidebar into a full outliner would lead me in wrong direction. It’s just a quick index into the text editor, which is the real outliner. I think it’s more likely that I add a mode to the editor that makes it work more like the outliner that I think you want. This isn’t something that I’m currently working on, but it is something that I’ve mentioned before and is on my long term list. i.e. the idea of maybe pressing Escape key then then you’ll get a block selection and moving items will be constrained like a traditional outliner.

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That mode sounds interesting, but isn’t what I’m after. The thing that I want to be able to do very easily is to hoist an item and then get out of the hoisted view up to a specific item. I know there are keybindings, but I find them thoroughly confusing to use. It’s easy to do with the sidebar… but it’s only available for projects. Some in-editor mouse interaction, à la Workflowy, would probably suffice.

I’ve been toying with the keybindings tonight and they seem easier to use than I remember them. Maybe I was just thick last time I tried them. The thing I’m running up against, though, is that items are not listed in the Go to anything... dialog.