Difference between outline and text?

I’m do think I may be a little more dumb than usual today - I can’t see the difference between the two edit modes.

I was expecting text mode to look like a sheet of ‘paper’ with writing on it, and especially wall to wall calm when in zen mode, and an outline mode to look like an outline and function as an outline. But they look and feel exactly the same to me, and appear to function the same at first hurried touch. Like an outliner.

I’m interested in using it as a capture for Tana which, is an outliner like Roam, amongst other things, but lacks a zen mode, and hence drives me mad.

The difference is more behavior than visuals. You can read more about outline mode here.

If you are interested in a “distraction-free” outliner mode try these settings instead:

  1. View > Text Wrap > Wrap to Column
  2. Also try Settings > Editor
    • Hide guide lines
    • Hide focus arrows
    • Hide unloaded controls when typing
  3. Maybe also View > Focus Mode and View > Typewriter Mode

Hey that really helps, thank you!!

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