Date picker/Multi document for newer version?

The latest two scripts – Date picker and Multi document/project menu – are incredibly useful. But I fear that many users will not understand how to install them or have no desire to buying Keyboard Maestro to gain this functionality. I wonder if those two are in the list of future enhancements for TaskPaper?

If someone would go through the trouble of writing a “newbie” set of instructions for installing those, I think that will be really useful to a lot of people. I am only asking because this community has several people who go above and beyond to make TaskPaper awesome not only for the power users, but for the newbies too.

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a “newbie” set of instructions for installing those

It’s a good thought, and none of these scripts really need specific launchers like FastScripts, Keyboard Maestro or LaunchBar, though all of those do make keystroke assignment faster and easily organised.

Do you think it would be enough to make sure that script postings always include a link to the existing page:


Or perhaps a section of

(maybe something like a 4.3 Using Scripts after the 4.2 Creating Scripts ?)

I was of the impression that the date picker script that Phil created needed Keyboard Maestro. Believe it or not, I also didn’t know that you could install scripts and then run them from the Script Menu. Wow! I have read that set of instructions before, but never while installing a script. Sadly, I go through so much information that it seems I have a “scan” mode and a “discern” mode. So that when I read and I don’t make the conscious decisions to slow down and absorb the information, I just glance and forget. May be adding some pictures to that particular wiki would help some people to absorb and understand the information as they are glancing it.

Yes, I think it might be a good idea to include a link to the existing page, but I am afraid that some people might become so used to that, that if someone posts a script without the instructions, some will complain. I am also thinking about the contributors. The instructions are so obvious to them that it might bother some of them to have to repeat it over and over again. Do you think that it will be a burden to the contributors?

Anyway, I am open to ideas.

I do have plans to build in some sort of date picker. And multi document select also makes sense, though I don’t have a todo for that yet. When these things might happen is harder to say. Right now I’m still just working through editor improvements/fixes.

Yes, I’m not sure what to do about this. I agree that there’s likely a majority of TaskPaper users who look at all those scripts and have no idea what to do. I will add some sections to the users guide, though I’m not sure that’s the end solution. But a start!

Not at all – it’s a good idea – I’ll just make a snippet to paste.

I’ve also just created this page in the user’s guide:

Maybe just link to that?

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I think that would be good. What are the chances to add small pictures to illustrate what you mean? I just created some screenshots of every step of your guide.

Here is the zip file containing all the screenshots. If you don’t think it will be a good idea to add those to the user guide, what do you think about adding those to the wiki in the forum? (1.5 MB)

Thanks for those screenshots. I might add them, but I think (not sure) it might be easier to explain this sort of thing in a video. Here’s one I just made up.

Useful? I’ve been thinking it would be good to make a series of demo videos at some point going forward. So keep the user’s guide relatively just the facts strait forward. And then show possibilities in videos.

Thoughts and feedback welcome!


Wow, that is beyond what I was expecting. I really like it. Thank you very much. If this is what you want, I will put a link to this in the extensions page. Maybe eventually, we can have a “tutorials” section in this forum :slight_smile: