Create a tag that inherits color but dims or brightens it

I want to create a tag called @blocked, for example. I want to use @blocked on various tasks, each with other tags that already have color. Ideally what I would like to happen is this:

  • @blocked inherits the color of the dominant tag (e.g. @p0 is green, @p1 is blue)
  • @blocked then dims the color by 20%, so I get some visual that something is different

I have used italics as one way to differentiate, like @inprogress italicizes everything, keeping all other colors intact.

I want to avoid special casing everything like [item-p0][item-blocked] that I’ve seen elsewhere. It’s a good workaround, but not as excited as a generic inherit.

BIG FAN! Thanks!

Sorry I’m not coming up with anything better at the moment. This could be because it’s just not possible, or I’m just slow today. Generally I don’t think TaskPaper’s style system has the ability to read an existing computed value and then modify it.

It does have ability to read global variables and then calculate new values on those globals (through less stylesheet syntax), but no relative values.

Thanks for getting back to me. Given my specific use case, I was able to make use of the [item-p0][item-blocked] trick without too much hassle, and I am off to the races. Thank goodness for programmable styles :slight_smile: Appreciate the assistance! Go TaskPaper!

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