Copy Headings Without Content?

I need to copy session dates from my notes. Is there anyway to copy level 1 or 2 headings only without the content? Example:

1/12 - April 29, 2016:
2/12 - May 20, 2016:
3/12 - June 3, 2016:
4/12 - July 15, 2016:
5/12 - August 6, 2016:
6/12 - August 29, 2016:


Found that Markdown to Mindmap combined with PopClip from Brett's PopClip Extensions - can do the trick. Can this be done without relying on other apps?

You can copy a view of just what you see … so first collapse (or filter) so that only those headings are shown. Then select them. Then do Option-Command-C, that should copy on the the visible selected items.

Note… just noticed that that command isn’t working in the 3.5 preview… but it does work in the latest 3.3 release. I’ll fix it for the preview version soon.

Thank you. This woks.