Copy and paste from TP3 preserves format (as in TP2)

If I copy text from TP2 and paste it into a rich text editor (such as word), it will preserve font size, font color and bold/italic/underline. This is very helpful for me for taking notes in TP and pasting them into blogs/wikis on our Social Intranet.

Using TP3, all text copied comes out as plain text. Is it possible to add this (on Mac you always have the option to paste a plain text, so it would seem more valuable to preserve the formatting). This way you could apply different themes before copying them to somewhere else (web page, word, blog etc).

Right now it would be difficult to provide a good RTF solution. TaskPaper is using a standard NSAttributedString to display text (which maps to RTF), but it’s also using some custom layout (all the indentation). This means to copy/paste the formatting that you see (as in TP2) requires quite a bit more work, and a messy kind of working trying to keep two different visual presentations in sync with different code.

As an alternative it’s (not promised, but more likely) that I could implement a copy as HTML command. Since you’re end goal is the web, would that work?

That would be a great addition, yes!