Colour of highlighted line

Hi all, and @jessegrosjean in particular.

Firstly, I think this app is exceptional and it really fills a hole when I want to outline, but don’t want to go for Omnioutliner as that just feels too heavy.

This is a minor point, but is there a way to change the colour of the highlighted line when one is in reading mode? I’m pretty sure this used to be purple, but now appears on my screen as an overwhelming green and I’m afraid I’m not a fan.

Thanks for reading.

Sorry changing that color isn’t possible right now. It will be eventually once I add style options, but that will be a while yet. The reason for the change and color is because I want it to be obvious that you are in outline mode and don’t just have a line fully selected in text mode. Outline mode keybindings are different, and so I want to make sure the mode differences are obvious.