Clicking on - (dash) for done finnicky since last update


It seems difficult to hit the correct spot on the dash to mark a task done since the last update.


Is anyone else noticing a difference? I’m not sure I can notice anything, though normally I will just delete items or use Command-D, so I don’t click very often anyway.


Running 3.3.1(217), I don’t notice any difference. I can click pretty much anywhere along the dash and it works fine.


It’s working fine for me.


It’s working fine for me today, but yesterday when you asked it was being weird. I’d try to click on a dash and the cursor would jump to the start of the text on that line. I wonder if it’s dependent on the view, tags, chosen, expanded/collapsed items or wrapping text.


Not to beat a dead horse (too much): if there were an option to display check boxes instead of dashes, people whose workflow includes lots of tasks and checking things off would have a (slightly) easier time of it.


The horse isn’t dead in this case, but still not something that I’m working on yet. It’s very much a feature that I’d like too, but I still feel like there are other more important things that I need to do first.


Definitely an issue here. About the far right 50% of the dash is un-clickable.


Correction…it is my theme that’s the issue


Are you able to track down what aspect of your theme caused this problem?