Change font sidebar to System Font


Hi Jesse,

one can modify the font of the task lists, but not of the sidebar. Am I right?

And if you are not planning to make it possible to change the font of the sidebar (as I expect), could you please change the font-family of the sidebar to the new Apple System Font? Like other build-in apps.



Correct. In the future I may make it an option, but it’s not possible now.

I though this was already the case… though my eyes aren’t great at picking out differences between fonts :slight_smile: . In interface builder the font for the sidebar set as “System Regular”. I don’t think that I ever changed that value, so I think that’s what most apps should have by default. Can you take a screenshot or two to point out the differences to me?


Hi Jesse,

you can test the best with numbers 6x1= 111111 and 6x0=000000
see image below, left TP on the right Finder.



maybe use:
font-family: -apple-system


I’m pretty certain that we are not supposed to select specific fonts like that in Interface Builder. I think they want use to choose a generic “system font” in case it’s changed again in the future. When I print out the actual font that’s being used at runtime it reports as:

“.AppleSystemUIFont 13.00 pt. P [] (0x600000042c70) fobj=0x100606a20, spc=3.59”

And I “think” AppleSystemUIFont is really San Fransisco?


What other apps are displaying the using the font that you want in a sidebar UI? I just tried Apple’s Notes and Reminder apps and they both seem to display as TaskPaper is.


mmm now I’am a bit confused …

Finder and PathFinder

Could it be that one have set a fixed width for numbers in file lists?


Actually I think it must just be a Finder content thing. Even in the Finder’s sidebar I think it uses the same font as TaskPaper:


Think so … mainly for lists.

just tested in Mail, and is thats the same as you’ve got in the sidebar in Finder


It’s definitely a Finder list thing…

In Tile view the digits does not have a fixed width.

Sorry, for disturbing you… but because all my Projects starts with 6 digits (also in in the folder names in Finder) I noticed the difference!