Change color of vertical "handle-lines"


Hi there,

this is my first post and been happily working and customizing taskpaper, although I can’t code :slight_smile:

But one thing I couldn’t figure out:

How can I customize the colors of vertical lines next to expanded items?
And how can I change it based on depth? (for clarity, see screenshot)



Hi and welcome!

The “guide line color” is a global style right now, so you customize through the editor like this:

editor {
  guide-line-color: green;
  guide-line-width: 2;

You can change item styling based on depth using item depth attribute like this:

item[depth=1] {
  handle-color: orange;

item[depth=2] {
  handle-color: blue;

Will override above depth setting for any leaf (item with no children)
item[leaf] {
  handle-color: green;


Also, you might have already found them, but be sure to check out:

And then a key bit in that second link is:

To see TaskPaper’s default stylesheet rules open This is also good general stylesheet formatting reference.