Caret affinity display behavior

I find the current behavior of displaying caret affinity confusing. Instead of the current implementation, why not just use the display method that’s used for e.g. a new line?

I.e., instead of this:


Use this:


No need to remember which caret “direction” means the strikethrough will continue to be applied. See strikethrough above caret? Expect strikethrough text. Don’t see it? Expect no strikethrough. Simpler, I think, and certainly easier to remember.

Thanks for trying it out.

For me I feel like the caret affinity caret is easier to understand. The rule is “Point the tail to the formatting you want”. Once you get the hang of it I think its pretty strait forward, at least it feels pretty nice to me. You will always see one of two visual representations.

If I used the second approach then it might be easier when you first start, but I don’t think it could ever become a second nature feature of the editor. Each boundary would show a different caret icon that you would need to interpret and make sense of. I think easier for brain to say I want it to be “text before” or “text after” then trying to translate that text into attribute icons.

Hope that makes some sense.


I think my brain would say “icons above the caret = text before.” Not a huge deal, though. :slight_smile: Thank you for your consideration!

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I have to say that I have found toggling the affinity to left and right with the cursor keys:

  1. allows for much more clarity and predictability about where a format will fall, and
  2. makes it much simpler to end.

This is a great point I had not considered.

Ok, so let’s split the difference and keep the tail plus add the icons at the top. :wink:

(just kidding, unless Jesse implements it, in which case it was my great idea :joy:)

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