Can't open .txt file through Shortcuts?

When I try to use Apple Shortcuts to instruct Bike to open a .txt file, it results in error (sometimes it says “failed to load”, a few times it said it couldn’t communicate with helper application).

This happens regardless of whether the “Open Outline” is the only action on the shortcut list or if there is a preceding “Open Bike app” action. This is also true for files in local folders or iCloud folders.

I don’t have this issue when opening .bike files. Is this a limitation of Bike or Shortcuts?

EDIT: Seems to work fine with AppleScript. I just hate writing scripts :rofl:

Yes, at least a limitation of my implementation of the shortcuts. I’m doing something a little weird to implement that open command. It seems I need to pass the “open” command back to the system, otherwise I get permission problems later on. I think if you associated “.txt” files with Bike (so Bike is default app to open them) it would work, but I can see why that might not be what you want.

For now I guess best is to just use AppleScript for this case.

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Using Bike as the default txt editor indeed fixes the issue. Thanks.

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