Can't activate licence - taskpaper 3?

Hi! I’ve installed taskpaper 3 on a new mac, but can’t seem to get the licence code to activate properly (it’s giving me a popup “error” message only. Could you please check my email to see what the problem could possibly be?

Thanks in advance!

I’m also having this problem.

@dvan @ats Please email me your license keys and I can fix the problem.

Hi Jesse -

Just upgraded to 3.8.2 and got asked to reregister. Put in activation key and got:
“We were unable to complete the license activation of the requested product.”
Any guidance for how I can proceed?

I just looked up your license through your forum email… if you try to register again it should work now. I’ve increased the number of allowed activations.

Same here - IIRC, I obtained my license key during the TaskPaper 3 beta - it certainly looks like a TP 3 key and it used to work, until I started using TaskPaper again recently (without even updating it).
Not sure whether I last used it before or after switching hardware before that, though…
My license is under my forum email.

It should work now if you try again.

I’m having the same issue (just got a new laptop). Could you fix it for me?

By the way, the FAQs say to contact Paddle about this, but the link is a dead end and there’s no mention of Taskpaper on their website to get support.

Sorry, it should work now.

I’ve been having trouble because every time there is an update, I have to re-activate my license key - very annoying, not to mention a time suck (finding it, copying it in, by then I’ve lost my momentum). Is this a bug and how many updates before I’ve reached my activation limit?
Thanks for the help!

You are talking about every TaskPaper update? Computer updates it’s expected. TaskPaper updates it’s generally not expected that you will need to re-enter your key.

Unfortunately when the TaskPaper 3.8.2 update came out it did require that you re-enter your key. Generally it’s not something that should happen each time though. And if you do run out of activations just email me ( and I can fix.

It seems like it’s been every time. I know I’ve had to ask for help a couple of times before. At least this time I know where it was stored :wink:
Thanks Jesse!