Bug in Taskpaper? Sidebar can appear off-screen after clicking "Show sidebar"

I came across a problem in re-sizing the Taskpaper window when you either hide or show the sidebar. When the sidebar is hidden and Taskpaper is all the way to the left edge of the screen and you select “Show sidebar,” the sidebar then “appears” off the screen. To make it visible, you then have to drag the window to the right.

Similarly, if the sidebar is visible and you select the option to hide it, the window size shrinks and the document you’re working in stays the same size. It seems like it would be better to keep the window the same size and make the writing area wider when you hide the sidebar.

I was just testing the app out to decide whether to buy it when I came across this problem.

I think this is intentional… though I admit maybe ill advised. The goal was to show sidebar without moving your document text on the screen. To get the more standard behavior go to TaskPaper > Preferences and make sure that “Sidebar > Maintain window size when Showing/Hiding sidebar” is checked. Then I think it will work as you would expect.

Thank you! That did work. I appreciate the quick response too.