Bug in Items > Format As commands


A bug or two for you, @jessegrosjean! This is in 3.1 (188).

Create an empty document, and add a project entitled “Inbox: @today”. Now try using Items > Format As to change it to a Task or a Note. The following things happen:

  1. The last character of the “@today” tag is removed, and the colon remains present. Thus, if you tried to make the item into a Note, it’s actually still a Project due to the colon still being there.

  2. The selection is strangely placed.

  3. If you then Undo, two different odd behaviours happen. If you made it into a Task and then Undo, it becomes “Inbox: @toda:” (truncated tag, and additional colon). If you made it into a Note and then Undo, it becomes “Inbox: @toda” (truncated tag), and if you then Undo again, the insertion-point goes crazy and then the whole window goes into a flickering loop.


This has changed a bit in 3.1 191. Point (1) is still true, but point (2) is no longer an issue. Point (3) still (mis)behaves as described, but the flickering/looping Undo bug seems to be gone. So… halfway there! @jessegrosjean


Odd… I actually didn’t intentionally address this problem at all :smile:

I’m not sure, but I think this issue might be related to:

I’m planning to start looking into both issues for the next release. Just submitted to Apple… so I think that process can actually start… NOW!


This should be fixed in the next release.