Bug: Home shortcut

Bike is amazing.

One issue that I am running into, however, is that Command-Shift-H is not zooming me out to the root.

I can Command-Option-LeftArrow to the root, but the Command-Shift-H shortcut isn’t working for me.

I’m on Bike 1.0 (51) and Mac OS 12.3.1.

Any ideas why it might not be working?

I think that shortcut was for “home” and doesn’t exist anymore. Did I forget to remove it from the docs somewhere?

I removed because I feel like Focus Out is pretty close and I’m trying to keep menus minimal. I have also posted a demo Home Script if you would like to have that command back (you’ll need to use tool like FastScripts to assign it a keyboard shortcut to run)

No worries. I agree that Focus Out pretty much covers it.

It’s still mentioned in the docs here:

Thanks, Jesse!

Fixed, thanks.

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