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Wed. Apr 04, 2018 05:15 AM:

I was reviewing setting up a search using boolean logic with TaskPaper. An old thread I had included a link to TaskPaper Wiki which seems to not be working, here.

What I was wondering was, is it possible to set up a boolean search within a level? Maybe it’s too early, the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, but my brain is not seeing how to do this yet.

Example: I have a task list. The items I am working on have the tag @focus. Under that level, I have a sub list of things that still need to be done before I can consider that task as complete. The tags for things I still need to work on is @progress. I also have a list mixed in at that level of steps I have already taken care of. I was calling those things @done.

The point of this is to save a search in the sidebar that when clicked shows me all my projects with progress still needed. This is already done by searching for @needed as they are only used for items in such a list so the hierarchy already shows nicely. I suppose I could change done to @st for steps taken which would again only be used for that purpose.

When I say I want to do this within a level, what I am asking is, can I do this by saying, if an item has the tag @focus then I want to see all tags under that with @done or @progress. Still trying to get my first cuppa to kick in so perhaps I am missing the obvious here. Tried “(@progress and @done) or @progress” but of course each parameter in this way only applies to each line and does not affect the hierarchy (within the level of the group) as far as I know.


Could you add an example?

Sure. I may have solved my problem with my suggested work around. The screen shot shows the new tag, @st, for steps taken. I was asking if tasks were marked @done in that lattice, if the search could find items such as “Get Response" under the upper level of "Encino Rent Hike Complaint”.

Since I use tags for formatting as much as for searching, the solution I came up with to use @st is probably the best one, now that the coffee has kicked in :slight_smile: . Still, it would be nice to understand if it is possible to check the “Get Response” item (@done) and to still have it show up in my search to see projects that I am still working through with all their parts showing in the search, like the Encino Rent Hike Complaint.

ADDED: I should say that I don’t want to see everything expanded in such an example. I will often have links to documents, maps, and URL links folded in as well. I am only trying to see what I am waiting on and what I have taken action on.

Ideally, if I could check off things I had put in and show them in the search as @done such as “Shop Law and Protective Agencies” and also find the items tagged as @st (mailed the letter on such and such date and time), that would be the best solution.

I think the content that was there is now at:


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Just try

@focus//@done or @progress
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