Bike Rich Text Update

Short story is “working on it, still a ways to go”.

Longer story is that currently I have:

  1. A “Bold” menu item.
  2. I can select text, use “Bold” command, and well right now text turns red! But it’s a start. It means I’m tracking stored text attributes and can set them with a command.

Currently I’m doing a lot of stylesheet work … I don’t expect stylesheets to be released as part of rich text release, but stylesheet infrastructure will be useful for styling the rich text, so I’ve decided to implement much of that now. I’m close to finish for the rules engine, but still need to integrate that into codebase which is another chunk of work.

Once that gets done the bold text should appear “bold” instead of red. Next steps after that are encoding/decoding rich text attributes into the Bike and OPML file formats. In theory that shouldn’t be too hard, in practice I’m sure it will take another few chunks for work to get it all right.

Anyway Bike rich text is making progress, but it will be at least a few more weeks before I have anything to show I think.