Bike Markdown with YAML Issue

Summary: Opening a markdown file that has YAML front matter converts the three dash demarcators into an unknown value.

Repro: Create test markdown document with YAML front matter demarcated by --- three dashes above/below (front matter content unimportant). Open in bike, save. Demarcation indicators (three dashes) convert to unknown value.

Video Demo: Bike 1.2 (58) Issue - YAML front matter - YouTube

Version: 1.2 (58)

unknown value

( The --- seems to be getting mapped, on write to plain text, to U+FFFC )

(and when pasted into a native .bike file, the mapping is to <hr/>)

This is a bug, I’ll fix. It unused code for inserting separators, and I was using — to test it way back. Ooops.

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