Bike feels good. Japanese text handles OK

Smooth gliding flow during input. Interesting foundation change from regular editors.

Japanese text also works fine.

Keep up your pioneering craft. Looking forward to this creation!

Great to hear that Japanese text input is working. Thanks for letting me know. I think there are likely problems with LTR writing, but fixable once I can really focus on them.

The only thing I notice with Hebrew is that whenever a space is typed at the end of a word, the whole word briefly moves to the left to fill the space, and then moves back. (in the case of TaskPaper, the space just doesn’t immediately appear, but jumps into life as soon as we start typing the next word).

In the case of Pinyin input methods for Chinese (in which we get a preview of the most probable characters for the string typed so far):

  • all is well in Light view (white background)
  • but the yellow ⇄ white contrast for the unresolved string that we are still typing isn’t yet legible in Dark view (black background)

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