Bike 1.0 "Preview" (51)

  • Added Bike > Preferences > Check for Updates settings

1.0 release scheduled for Tuesday, I expect this version 51 is it.

If you wish to keep getting preview releases please make sure to select Bike > Preferences > Check for Updates > Include Preview Releases.

Preview status of future Bike releases will be determined by the update process. When you check for an updated Bike reads an xml file on the server with release information. If a release is a “preview” then it will be marked in that xml. You will only see these preview releases with the above option checked.

When I decide a preview release is good to go I will modify that xml file and remove the preview status. So same binary, but no longer preview. This means “preview” status of your app can change when you perform a software update, even if you don’t download and install a new version.

I think it will work out pretty well, but a little confusing to explain :slight_smile: And just to confuse things a little further this preview status won’t quite work correctly until the first post 1.0 preview. Right now I’m still not marking anything as preview in xml, since then no existing users would see it, since the above option hasn’t been selected in prefs for existing installs.

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