Bike 1.0 (29) Preview

  • Added Edit > Transformations: Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize
  • Enabled standard AppleScript scripting suite. This isn’t the final solution that I see for Bike scripting, but it will at least allow automation of non bike specific things for now.
  • Added word count to window title. I needed a way to test background processing and this is an easy way to do that. Let me know if word count gets out of sync or seems to cause any other problems. Probably won’t keep this feature into 1.0 release, at least not in current form.

Another slow week in visible progress, but I’m close on highlighting links, spell errors, and find matches. I build an attributed string this week to hold the ranges. And a background processing system to do the work without slowing down the UI. Just need to put them together. Easy!