Back button & hyperlinks

First of all,
Thanks for this great software.
Been using it for several month now and love it. I just meets exactly the need of having one place to log and record notes AND to track todos. All with amazing flexibility.

now 2 ideas I’d like to submit:

Back ( and forward ) Button
It would be quite handy to have a back button ( and forward ? ) to be able to navigate in time through views states ( Projects and Filters) ; That would be an easy way to come back to some previous views.

Would be great t be able to create hyperlinks within a Taskpaper file. I’m sure there are workaround using tags ( is there any known ? ) . But I thought it could be a native functionality.

Keep up the great work !


+1 to a simple history state for view states (filtering to a project, a saved seach, etc). A thing I’ll often do is open a saved search, collapse everyting to get a lay of the land, deep dive into one thing and re expand, realize it doesn’t include the thing I’m looking for, and want to “jump back” to the saved search.