Automatically refresh search



I’ve got two tabs in Taskpaper open: a search with “@today except @done” and a ‘regular’ window with my full todo list. If I add a @today tag somewhere in my list and switch to the tab with the search I have to manually update the search for the item to appear. Is there a way to automatically refresh the search?



I honestly had never tried to do it that way. I didn’t even know it was possible to have to instances of the same document. In my case, I use the saved searches and just use the commands to Go to Search... and Go to Anything... and it works pretty efficiently.

This is definitively a @jessegrosjean’s question.


No, not currently. The issue is that I wouldn’t want search results updating automatically as you are editing or issuing commands. For example your typing (or commands) could effect search results making the current item that you are working with disappear as you are working with it. TaskPaper is different then most search UI … because you are “live” editing everything, instead of going into a separate “edit” mode, and then committing changes. I think live editing together with live search doesn’t work well, or at least I don’t know how to make it work well.

I can imagine cases where maybe it does make sense to automatically refresh results … like maybe when you switch to a new tab you update the results. But even there it could create trouble. Like maybe you were previously adding some items to that view that don’t match the result… go back expecting to see them, and don’t.

For those reason I don’t expect live search to ever be a default. I think best for now is just View > Refresh Editor Search (Command-R)


Thanks - I understand that it’s technically more difficult ofcourse than my ‘simple’ request. Thanks for taking the time to explain!