Archiving to include project name

Would you consider adding the project name to @done tasks when they are archived? This is because tasks often need the context of the project to make sense. If I want to de-clutter a large project by archiving done tasks they appear in the archive project, but without the context of their project are difficult to reconcile to a project should the need arise later.

An alternative would be to create an option to move all completed tasks to the end of the currently selected project so that they are out of the way and can be archived when the project is complete.

Personally I think both would be good as some projects are perpetual.

Project names are already appended to archived tasks:

My apologies, for some reason I didn’t notice that!

Many thanks!

Using the latest Version 3.2 Preview (200), I’m not seeing this behavior despite having the option checked in preferences.

It seems to still be working for me. Are you sure that the archived task was part of a project (indented under it) before you archived?

Apologies, seems my tasks were shifted out from being under the project, so they weren’t associated with the project, thus not getting tagged appropriately.

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