Add ability to quickly jump between sub points in a project

I wish there was a way to quickly jump between main subdashes of a active project. So if I have this TaskPaper project:

I can make a search like this:


And it will let me jump to the line in the project:


I know I can cmd+f search but often I will have to go through many occurring instances of my searched string. I wish I could really quickly jump between the main subpoints of my project as I have to do that often in my workflow.

Thank you.

Or perhaps what would be even better is if this search allowed to fuzzy search through all the lines in the current active TaskPaper project and then jump to the line. This way it is deterministic as you know for sure that you will quickly get to the line you need vs cmd+f -> return -> see if correct place and if not go to next until you reach what you need.

This action would save a me a lot of time in my workflow.

I don’t expect this in TaskPaper 3, maybe down the road, I’m not sure.