Accessing one TaskPaper from two different machines?

I want to use TaskPaper as my main task-tracking app, which means accessing the file (on a Dropbox link) from two different Mac laptops - at work and at home.

I know that “best practice” would be to always close the TaskPaper app before I close my machine. I also know that I will not always remember to do this.

Anyone else have experience using TaskPaper from two machines? How have you got around file-overwrite problems?


Just use Dropbox. Worst case is that you’ll end up with a conflicted copy, but DB will rename it so you can see it easily (I have Hazel set up to notify me whenever it sees a file in my TaskPaper folder with conflicted copy in the filename). I’ve had it happen maybe once a year and have been doing it since 2009 or so. Never had any conflicts I couldn’t clean up in five minutes or so.

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