A way to lock or modifier key enable tabs


The only problem that still crops up for me too often in TaskPaper is that I keep finding that things I have already put in some sort of hierarchical order do not always remain in that same order. I am guessing this is happening in some way that I am still not catching as it continues to happen. It looks like either one or the other of; 1) accidentally hitting a tab and indenting a line or, 2) deleting blank spaces from a found search result and that somehow broke the hierarchy I thought was in place.

The only solution that I can think of is the point of this question (post). In the way that TaskPaper is currently written or in TP 4 with it’s new code, is there any way to apply a lock command on any line that would prevent change to that line unless it is unlocked? Or, is there a way to determine that, if a lock marker has been applied then that line would need a modifier key combined with the tab key to move it again (until the lock marker/lock command is removed)?