A non-bike issue, appears in many apps

In Bike, I can rename and move a file by clicking on its name in the title bar.

The popup window has three fields, Name, Tag, and Where.

If I click on the Where field, I get a list of favorite folders.

Five of them are grayed out and have no function.

From time to time I try to figure out where those favorites are stored, but I have no luck.

I’ve deleted com.apple.finder.plist, but that didn’t clear the favorites in the Finder and the gray folders are still in the rename/move window in every app with that feature.

I don’t see the gray folders in the Finder.

It’s a minor thing. I’d like to clear it up out of curiosity as much as real need.

Any idea where those favorites are stored in MacOS Monterey 12.6.4?

My Mac is old. That’s the newest OS I can run.

Thanks in advance!

Bike is truly cool.

Sorry I have no idea. I think just now is actually the first time that I’ve ever clicked that “Where” menu. It must be some config, because on my computer there are not unelectable locations.

Maybe someone here will know more then me, you might also ask at:

Thanks, Jesse.

It’s not hurting anything, just every once in a while it bugs me that I don’t know why old locations linger on.

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