2 possible bugs/fixes

  1. I find that when pasting text with the cursor showing L after a link (so it should not be part of the link) that the pasted content still becomes part of the link.

  2. Is it possible for the link icon to be formatted along with the rest of the formatted text (particularly strikeout and highlight)?

I agree, this seems like a bug and I’ll try to fix.

I’m less sure about this… on on hand I think adjusting to match things like font size makes sense. On the other hand I think of that item as an inserted “widget, gui element” and I’m not sure it makes sense to strike it through and make it harder to see.

Do you think it should take on all styling? Just some?

Good point in strike-through.
Definitely don’t feel a need to italicize or bold.
And I feel indifferent on font size.

I guess it’s annoying me most with highlighting.