Typing lag in WriteRoom in Sierra


I love WriteRoom, but on my new Macbook Pro running Sierra, I’m getting a lot of lag when typing. Are there any updates coming soon that would address this? Anything I can do to fix the problem? I’d rather not switch to another utility, but the lag issue is making it pretty much unusable for me right now. I type quickly, and the lag really disrupts my flow.



Sorry I don’t have a quick solution in the pipeline. I will start work on WriteRoom 4 soon (been saying this for a year+, but I plan to actually do it after TaskPaper 3.7 is out). I do notice that if you Format > Line Wrap > Wrap to Page the problem goes away. But that’s not normally how I like to use full screen mode.


Yeah, not my preference for full screen mode, either, but it works for now. Thanks!


Yes I also have the lag, so need to postpone using Writeroom til there’s a fix. Thank you!