FoldingText 3


A quick note to say it’s a real pleasure as a user to have a developer be so open about their plans and receptive to feedback from their users. Good luck going forward.


I’m also really happy to see FoldingText will live on! Thanks for your continued work on the app, Mutahhir.

FT2’s features are essentially perfect for me as-is. It’s transformed the way I organize my thoughts — and really, the way I think. I get a tremendous amount of value out of it.

However, FT2 crashes so often now (10+ times a day) that it’s become frustrating to use. But I can’t find an alternative with the features I’ve grown to love. I get so much use out of it that I’d pay a subscription to keep FT2 maintained. I think you deserve to continue getting paid for your work without the pressure of adding new features.

That said, I’m absolutely in support of an FT3. In case you’re curious, here are the things about FT2 that I love (that no other app I know of can do), and that I’d be disappointed to lose:

  1. folding and focusing
  2. saving as plain text (so I can use the same files with Dropbox, IFTTT, and Drafts
  3. hiding Markdown syntax
  4. clickable links
  5. the nearly-invisible UI